From its first production, Mohworks Films has been a company known for it's engrossing stories, high production values and attention to detail. Our ever-growing team of artists and creatives are passionate about pushing the Australian film industry forward, breaking the boundaries of what can be expected from an Australian feature film.


The new feature film from Mohworks Films. Our biggest endeavour to date, the film is a spectacular science fiction adventure Directed by Michael O'Halloran and Co-Written with Adam Harmer. The film was produced completely independently and is due for release in 2017.

When a group of scientists developing an engine for interstellar travel see their funding cut after a breakthrough leads to a fatal disaster, the disgraced team must resort to criminal activity to finance their operation as they rebuild their space-time device.

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We produced this Concept Trailer for a feature film script titled Break The Rock, Written by Adam Harmer and Directed by Michael O'Halloran. A big, fun monster movie, Break The Rock is in development now and will be produced by Mohworks Films.

When a touring theatre group who arrive in a rural country town to present the locals with a production of 'King Lear', they soon find that the clashes with the locals are the least of their troubles when the town's dark secret is revealed and a mysterious, homicidal monster emerges. A fight for survival begins as the troupe become the prey of a dark force unlike anything they could have imagined.

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The first major produciton of Mohworks Films, The Dossier Case was a short film that told the story of a bumbling CIA agent in way over his head after he botches a mission in Havana. The film was produced completely independently and has recieved numerous accolades and festival screenings.

CIA Agent Harry Lerner has seen better days. When assigned a mission to Cuba to investigate a communist relic from the cold war, When Harry returns to Langley, however, it becomes all too clear just how important the Cuban mission was. Now, he has to use every trick in his spy book to save his job, and he's never worked this hard in his life.

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